Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is Sydney Dragway located?
  • Is there public transport to the venue?
  • Is there parking?
  • What is the best time to come?
  • Which day is better?
  • Is there reserved seating?
  • Is there any shade?
  • Can I bring umbrellas and shade tents?
  • Is it loud?
  • Can I bring an esky?
  • Can I bring alcohol?
  • Can I bring a BBQ?
  • Can I take photos/video?
  • Can I get into the pit area?
  • Can I buy a corporate box ticket on the day?
  • Can I race my Street Car or Bike at Sydney Dragway?
  • What are the guidelines for Racing and Burnouts at a Race 4 Real, Sunday Street Meet or Bike Night event. (Off Street Racing)
  • Can I race if I am on my ā€˜Lā€™ Plates?
  • Can I race if I have lost my licence?
  • Can I have a passenger in the car while racing?
  • Do I need a roll cage?
  • Can I race using space saver tyres/wheels?
  • Can I race using re-treaded tyres?
  • Does my car/bike need to be street-registered to race?
  • Does my car need to be street-registered to enter the burnouts?


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